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  • Newsletter February 2018


    How much does outside space matter to homebuyers in CO6?

    The proportion of sales by house type

    Local property prices vs region & country

    Local tenure patterns

  • Newsletter January 2018


    CO6 property market

    Average property prices by type

  • Newsletter December 2017


    Reasons to be happy about the CO6 market

    Prices by type in the last few months

  • Newsletter November 2017


    Common myths about the local property market

    Monthly sales rates by house type

    Index of house prices by property type

    Method of commute

  • Newsletter October 2017


    How commuting patterns are helping the local property market

    Prices by type in the last few years

    Annualised breakdown of sales by type

    Lifecycles in our area

  • Newsletter September 2017


    How often do people move property in the local area?

    Monthly prices by property type

    A quarterly index of sales levels

    Industry of occupation

  • Newsletter August 2017


    What does the future hold for house prices in CO6?

    Monthly sales rate by main house type

    Local property prices vs region & country

    Length of residents' working day

  • Newsletter July 2017


    Which local residents have seen the best house price inflation?

    Quarterly transaction levels split by type

    Average prices of houses and flats by year

    Household sizes in our area

  • Newsletter June 2017


    How old are people when they buy their first home in our area?

    Annual sales levels by broad property type

    A quarterly index of house prices

    Distance to work

  • Newsletter May 2017

    How many new homes have been built in the local area?

    Flat and house prices in CO6

    Occupancy levels in CO6

    Promising sales levels in CO6

  • Newsletter February 2017

    Growth of the Private Rental Sector in CO6

    Long-term property price review in CO6

    How do residents in CO6 get to work?

    Overview of the CO6 market structure

    Lifecycle mix in CO6

  • Newsletter January 2017

    What impact does a good primary school have on CO6?

    CO6 flat and house prices

    What jobs do people do in CO6?

    Sales in CO6 by quarters